The MECANO project aims at improving urban mobility through using efficient and secure sustainable transport means, and monitoring and reduction of carbon footprint, including its impact on citizens. To that end, it is proposed the connection of new personal mobility vehicles with the Internet, exploiting new Internet of Things (IoT) communication technologies. Hence, these vehicles are considered as “mobile sensors” moving around smart cities. Data collected from vehicles and road sensors are subject to intelligent processing to monitor pollution parameters and provide services to optimize urban mobility, detect pollution areas, recommendation of healthy tracks, and dynamic/predictive traffic management.
MECANO proposes to develop a platform to gather data from personal mobility vehicles, paying special attention to electric mobility devices and reducing emissions and noise. An on-board platform is being developed based on Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) communication technologies, enabling Internet connection following an IoT scheme. The unit is provided with air quality data, monitoring CO2, CO, NO, NO and PMx, among others; acoustic pollution; solar radiation; and clima parameters. These data are processed in a configurable granularity for per-street, per-neighborhood, per-district and city level, also considering traffic volume data, to offer mobility services. These services use optimization techniques to minimize travel times, pollution and exposure to high contamination levels.
  • Design an on-board unit integrating IoT communications and sensors for personal mobility vehicles. Integration of units in real vehicles.
  • Pollution monitoring using mobile sensors aboard vehicles.
  • Micro and macro-monitoring of urban traffic.
  • Develop algorithms to identify pollution patterns and predict tendencies.
  • Develop traffic management services using optimization techniques, focused on pedestrian healthy and using sustainable transport.
  • Extrapolate results to new urban plans encouraging the use of sustainable transport.
  • Deploy an experimental pilot using e-scooters and real applications to exploit MECANO advances.